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Holly Bobisuthi magic moon small

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Mystic crescent moon to aid your invocations. Fill your heart with new moon intention every day.
Perched on a sterling band a Large crescent moon is hand fabricated in heavyweight sterling stock. Strong hammer texture adds an ancient feeling.

Moon is 1.5" across depending on ring size and can be made for either hand. It will be most comfortable on the first or middle finger of your non dominant hand. The ring band is intended to sit diagonally on the back of the finger which makes the fit a little size flexible

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holly bobisuthi; jewelry made by hand with intention. 

her work stems from the ancient tradition of ornament as expression of higher self. Each piece, hand fabricated from raw metal and powerful stones, is a unique gesture. Cultures rise and fall but their sacred adornments outlast the gods they were made to venerate. The desire to adorn is as old as humanity and is an impulse that deserves to be honored. 

Type: jewelry

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