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no.1001 natural bronze paint totally blown sz 9

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men's sz 9, women's 11

TOTALLY BLOWN is a conceptual clothing company that distresses products with shotguns. It was founded in 2013 by a young couple in love. They quit their day jobs to follow their dreams, packing up life in Los Angeles and relocating in the desert frontier town of Joshua Tree, in search of inspiration, space, and fewer distractions.

TOTALLY BLOWN is an energizing a new way of looking at the world, standing tall for change, rebellion, complexity and individuality. They exsist to make something useful that reflects the times, that reflects the entanglement and destruction that corrupts our lives, and to take those concepts and project them into wearable art that speaks for itself...that can make a statement and make a difference simply by being worn.

All TOTALLY BLOWN items are 100% original, utilitarian, beautiful, and challenging. TOTALLY BLOWN sources all of their textiles right here in the USA. They distress, dye, bleach, sew, and alter everything by hand and hire friends in their local community of Joshua Tree to help along the way. "It's a lot of work...fighting a war (so to speak) against an army of clothing. But it is an endeavor that is so much more rewarding than just making something that looks cool. At TOTALLY BLOWN we are challenging conventions...and that's what keeps us going!"

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