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No.1025 SIDEWALK lace less oxford black-blue playa

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refusing to be bound by neither man nor convention, this stretchy seductress may have forgotten her laces but she's packing' enough heat to burn anyone brave enough to venture near! lace - less is more…

welcome the SIDEWALK construction: inspired by the same desire for modernity in the 50s and 60's as the FREEWAY construction… but with a slightly more architectural heel. this construction features all the same details that make our shoes distinctive: soft leather uppers and signature turquoise leather lining and footbed that forms to your foot in time, making incredibly comfortable boots. hand-lasted and sewn with a leather welt and leather midsole by genuine goodyear-welt construction, then nailed in the shank area for iron-like strength. leather outsoles and toplifts of recycled tires using the LightTread (TM) process add lightweight flexibility, comfort and durability! the entire shoe is then hand-finished to ensure each shoe has its own unique character.

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