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style is subversive

style is subversive manifesto

subtle, subversive, stylish… there are many ways to make your point, and we believe in the subtlety of style to make change, personally, in small ways…small ways that add up to bigger change. changes in how we view our products, how and why they are made, what they are made from and how long they last, and how they make us look and feel about ourselves.

we live in a world of ever-increasing commoditization of the products we use. artificially sped-up cycles of consumption and decreased product life may have led to greater short-term profits, but this mindset has also led to increased use of resources in both manufacturing and transportation to market, but also in transportation to dispose of the products, once their life is over. products built with obsolescence or the temporality of fashion in mind, rarely have anywhere else to go but into the trash.

by building products that last and are repairable, that cycle can be broken and resources/expenses can be saved. as it regards to shoes and clothing, pskaufman…  believes developing personal style can help counteract this fatal flaw to many of the economic and cultural woes, currently at play in our society.

personal style is a subversive act; taking a stand against the pressure to conform, consume poorly-made, bland products which were created solely for the purpose of increasing corporate profit. 

not the easiest path, people with personal style tend to be more self-confident and assured of who they are and what they want from life. the more self-confident, the less stressed and the more creative, tolerant and understanding we become…all qualities that contribute to better lives for ourselves  and others

we’re inspired by style, in all forms, and are excited to share our inspiration with our customers, to help inspire them to nurture their own style and feel good about themselves and who they are: people who feel good about themselves and are more likely to feel good about others…

only good things can come from that!

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