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tell me more... hey lady! creator, Regina Schilling

November 15, 2016

psk: you've been making hey lady for about two(?) years, did you originally decide to make it in this format, with these subjects, guest artists and bonus badges attached!? 

rs: It was the spring before last and I developed an old roll of film from a trip to France. There was this beautiful photo of daisies on it I taped it to my wall next to a picture of Yoko Ono. The two images looked so perfect together, so I collaged them and mailed copies to all of my friends with instructions to draw Yoko Ono, including paper and a return envelope. The artworks I got back were incredible. I turned them into a little book and then started on the next one, this time opening submission to all artists. Hey Lady is all about appreciating and celebrating women and the buttons are a fun souvenir of your love!

psk: do you have a personal connection to each subject featured in 'hey lady’? 

rs: I do research on which women to feature and then choose the ones I know I would’ve been friends with in another time and place. The ones that should be famous, but barely have a place in history at all. I feel this way about a lot of women though, so this series might be going on for the rest of my life.

psk: have they all been to your original vision or do you see that evolving?

rs: There’s a constant visual format for the front covers, but this is the extent of my vision for each issue. Beyond that, I leave it in the hands of the contributors. In the end, it always grows into a beautiful collection showcasing current artists from around the world. 

psk: which issue has been your fave and why?

rs: When each issue is released I'm always certain it's my favorite, so I’d have to say #6 featuring Yayoi Kusama. Her work inspires so many people, so this issue is huge, filled with original portraits from 60 artists. Not only is it the first perfect-bound book in the collection, but it also has pumpkins on the front cover!

psk: please tell us an interesting story!

rs: I have a purple flower that was part of a bouquet Yoko Ono gave Kim Gordon once. It’s dried and lives in a jar and I bring it with me wherever I move. 



submission page for next issue:

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