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psk... muse of the moment: Dominoe Farris

November 04, 2016

willing to take a chance in both her photography and personal life. meet the inspiring, colorful, adventurous, and unexpected dominoe.


1. From your vibrant yellow/orange hair, bright ensembles and painted photographs.. you seem to live in an endless sea of color. how does color speak to you? Which colors speak loudest?

Perhaps it was all the acid my dad did in the 60’s but I’ve always been obscenely attracted to both colors and patterns. For the first part of my life, I wore bland school uniforms, which I actually didn’t mind.  But, once I went to college in NY at Fordham, my wardrobe and artistic sensibilities blossomed and went into overdrive. I discovered the work of Victor Moscoso (60’s psychedelic artist) and Assume Vivid Astro Focus, which both heavily influenced my work. For my senior thesis, I made large graphic paper cutouts using vibrating colors, which still remain my favorite of color combinations. Vibrating colors are colors of the same tint that appear to vibrate when placed next to one another of opposite hues.  I feel like I’m always striving to find the best color combinations that sing in perfect harmony.


2. You say you 'will work for travel', do people take you up on it? If so, where is the best place it's taken you? the worst?

I have yet to be paid for travel-related photo adventures, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from setting forth on my own adventures. I suppose I’m trying to manifest work-related travel with that statement, because I always find the most inspiration when I’m thrown out into the world. However, my favorite photo field trip was to Catalina Island with a small group of friends on a wooden sailboat my dad built, named “Bloodhound”. I took some of my favorite photos of my friends in the nude and uninhibited on the bowsprit.

As for the worst places, I don’t think there are any because even a challenging place can provide the deepest opportunity to learn and to grow.

3. What do you think is the most intriguing human behavior? and do you feel you have ever been able to capture it?

It would have to be either making out or sleeping. I started a project a couple years ago called "makeout book" where I photographed both couples and strangers kissing and found it quite fascinating. Everyone is so unique and no 2 people kiss in quite the same way. It's still in the process of being completed. I'm also intrigued by how people sleep with one another. Not so much in a sexual way, but in an intimate way of offering one another support with various cuddle positions. Perhaps there is another project nestled in there for the future?

4. With food provided, the clothes on your back & a place to sleep, and you are to have only five possessions to get you through the rest of your life.. what would they be?

Wow, what a question! Can all of my cameras and lenses count as one item? Is that cheating? Pen and paper to draw and write. I’m a huge fan of doodling and really couldn’t live without it. A photo of my mom, who passed away last year from cancer, so I could always remember her more vividly. My records and record player because music has and will always remain one of my my greatest pleasures. I think that’s it!

5. Your dream project - what is it?

Really, If  I was flown all over the world to remote destinations immersed in nature to take photos, that would be my dream. And of course have a wonderful team behind me to help and share in the experience.

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